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SA Property Investors Network aims to educate, add value and grow the network of the private property investors across South Africa.

SA Property Investors Network are proud hosts of live property investor education and networking events since 2013. The events are hosted in Johannesburg, Centurion, Soweto, Cape Town and Durban. Today, they are at the forefront of hosting virtual events where investors can network with like-minded property entrepreneurs and learn from industry leaders.

SA Property Investors Network has collectively have had over 12,000+ people attend their events. Today there are 60,000+ people interacting on the SA Property Investors Network Public Facebook Group and 40,000+ people following the SA Property Investors Network Public Facebook Page.

At the SA Property Investors Network, we aim to: inspire South Africa to tap into the possibilities that property investment offers to help investors create more efficiencies within their current property portfolios and to help property entrepreneurs build REAL wealth, using property as a vehicle.

YOU SEE: Property is a peoples game. The more people you know, the more deals you can find, the more money you can raise, the more success you will get out of property. But it’s not as easy as the general public may think and this is where being part of a network is essential.

The SA Property Investors Network is a national platform where members can: gain market insights, learn about the tools and tactics available, network with like-minded investors and connect with key players and quality service providers in the industry. We invite you to take advantage of our membership offerings, enabling you to connect with a network of like-minded investors while also accessing efficiencies, knowledge and relevant tools to save you time and money.

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Feedback & Reviews

The network has proven to be an extremely valuable asset in our property investment career. There is always a wealth of knowledge which is shared amongst members and further to that the support is always there. It is the only place where you can network, learn and make deals happen!

Roberto Zambri
Roberto Zambri